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Refrigeration Services

REFPRO is a provider of industrial and commercial refrigeration across many manufacturing sectors.

We provide servicing and installation requirements covering all our customer needs.


  • Short and long term comprehensive maintenance contracts more....




  • Screw and recip compressor and equipment overhaul   more....


  • Industrial ammonia and synthetic refrigeration service   more....


  • Ammonia plant audits and refrigerant leak checking   more....


  • Industrial air-conditioning and mechanical services   more....



  • Specialized refrigeration equipment   more....


Maintenance Contracts

In either ammonia or synthetic refrigerants, we provide regular planned, preventative and predictive maintenance programs to all refrigeration plant and equipment. Our maintenance contracts can be tailored to suit specific requirements and are flexible to almost any time period. Integrating this with associated 'process' equipment, we can provide a cost effective solution to many requirements. Each scheduled service will include detailed reports or check sheets designed to suit each unique piece of equipment.


Breakdown Service

With every minute of downtime the cost increases in many ways. We can provide a 24hr Breakdown Service with immediate response as a priority, but more importantly the expertise required to diagnose the breakdown accurately and the resources allowing immediate repair.



Whether expanding or modifying existing systems or new site installations, we offer a range of solutions. From 'Turn Key', 'Joint Ventures' or small projects we work closely with our customers to achieve the best results. Through competitive pricing form suppliers and efficient and intelligent plant design we aim to achieve budget expectations. With energy cost in mind all installations are designed to be economical and efficient and are installed to Australian Standards and regulations.

Overhauls and Rebuilds

We have a dedicated climate controlled rebuild clean room to overhaul compressors, refrigerant pumps and associated equipment to OEM standards and specifications. Machinery is re-built in the best possible conditions assuring our customers the reliability of their equipment into the future. All rebuilds are returned with detailed 'Disassembly' and 'Assembly' reports including photos. Some of the compressors manufactures we overhaul include; Mycom, Howden, Grasso, Sabroe, Stal, Budge, J E Hall and Vilter.

Refrigeration Service

We offer general non-contracted maintenance where required assisting onsite personnel and 'Engine drivers'. This includes all service and auditing of refrigeration and associated equipment. With over 100 years of combined employee experience in the industry; we are able to provide solutions to the many problems that arise in the older and latest refrigeration systems.

Audits and Leak Checking

Changes in Government Regulations, Australian Standards and OHS Departments often require various audits and reports. As a result some plant and equipment may need to be upgraded to comply. Refpro can arrange this and offer solutions including quoting the upgrades needed.

With the 'ARCTIC' and Government Regulations and the constant increases in price of Synthetic  refrigerant (HFC and HCFC) such as R404a, R507, R410, R134a it is becoming cost effective to leak check systems more regularly. Even with refrigeration plants which hold minimal refrigerant this may also be very economical. We can assist in this where required.

With the R22 planned phase out, we also offer suitable alternate refrigerants and can implement the retrofits required.

Air Conditioning

Refpro also provide the installation, maintenance and servicing of all Industrial Air-conditioning equipment either Contracted or non-Contracted basis. We provide full service to all manufacturers and offer filter replacements or cleaning where necessary on a scheduled basis.



When new or re-installed refrigeration plant needs to be commissioned, whether this plant is customer or third party installed, we will commission to allow trouble free startups and provide documentation. We also oversee any 'snag list' completion so the customer will meet their production commitments and allow smooth hand-overs.

Specialized Equipment

We service and provide maintenance to some specialized refrigeration equipment such as unique 'one-offs' or equipment where parts or replacements are not readily available.

Spare Parts

We stock and source a large range of refrigeration and associated spare parts including Refrigeration Oils, shaft seals, valves, compressors and service kits. We understand some of these parts are often urgent and are able to deliver the required parts when they are required. We supply from but are not limited to the following manufacturers;

Danfoss          Stal                  Suniso Oil

Hansen            Budge              Blackmear

Mycom            J EHall             Guardian Controls

Howden           Vilter                Phillips

GEA                 Hermetic         Nikkiso 

Grasso            Teikoku            Viking

Sabroe            PetroCanada   Reflo 68a

and many others


Unit 4 / 10 Hook St

PO Box 1585

Capalaba QLD 4157



Phone:       +61 7 3160 9416

Fax:          +61 7 3112 5995


Unit 4 / 10 Hook St

PO Box 1585


QLD 4157









+61 7 3160 9416

+61 7 3112 5995

31 144563477


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