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Company Profile

REFPRO Pty. Ltd. is a privately owned industrial and large commercial Refrigeration and Process company based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

REFPRO was formed to meet the Refrigeration and Process service requirements in the following industries both in Australia and internationally:


  • Food Production including dairies, abattoirs, seafood facilities and breweries
  • Mining
  • Cold Storage and distribution
  • Packaging and printing

At REFPRO, we understand that it is essential for equipment in these industries to operate and be maintained in the most efficient working order. We offer a service that covers all of these requirements quickly and efficiently to cut downtime in production.

Our company is able to provide customers with the supply and installation, planned maintenance and 24hr service to equipment such as:


  • Ammonia Industrial Refrigeration packages and associated equipment
  • Synthetic refrigerant packages and associated equipment
  • Large Air-conditioning packages and associated equipment
  • Plate Heat-exchangers
  • Tubular Heat-exchangers
  • Pasteurizer Validation
  • Holding Tube Time Verification
  • Hygienic, valves and pumps
  • Homogenizers
  • Industrial Compressor rebuilds

At REFPRO we have a dedicated climate controlled clean room, specifically for machine rebuild and service. This ensures that Homogenizers, Compressors, Pumps, Gearboxes and associated equipment are rebuilt in the best possible conditions. Assuring our customers the reliability of their equipment into the future. 

The team at REFPRO has established a wealth of Refrigeration and Process experience in many industries. All members have built close working relationships with suppliers and manufacturers of equipment and other resources used in these industries. We are able to give you the customer, the most effective solutions for your needs and get the job done.

The people behind the service

Damian Linsdell


Ross Campbell


Kevin McLaughlin


Gordon Beveridge

Ph.:     +61 413 680 660


Ph.:     +61 409 617 499


Ph.:     +61 431 618 430


Ph.:     +61 422 133 058


Unit 4 / 10 Hook St

PO Box 1585


QLD 4157







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31 144563477


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