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Process Service

REFPRO is a provider of parts, servicing and installation in many

manufacturing processes.


We provide the following services to cover all our customer needs.


  • Short and long term comprehensive maintenance contracts more....





  • Heat-exchanger hydrogen gas detection    more....


  • Pasteurizer holding tube validation     more....


  • Heat-exchanger hydrostatic testing    more....


Maintenance Contracts

We provide regular planned, preventative and predictive maintenance programs to plate and spiral tubular heat exchangers, hygienic valves, spray balls, pumps and homogenizers. Our maintenance contracts are flexible to almost any time period and integrating this with associated refrigeration equipment we can provide a cost effective solution to meet all requirements. Every planned service will include detailed reports or check sheets designed to suit each unique piece of equipment as required.

Breakdown Service

With every minute of downtime the cost increases in many ways. We can provide a 24hr Breakdown Service with immediate response as a priority, but more importantly the expertise required to diagnose the breakdown accurately and the resources allowing immediate repair.


Servicing and Overhauls

We offer regular 'on site' service and overhauls to homogenizer, hygienic pumps and valves. These services require minimal disruption and are often after hours or during low production periods, whichever suits our customers' needs and time frame. In our dedicated climate controlled rebuild clean room we offer 'off site' overhauls.

Testing and Validation

To assist in complying with QA Departments, Australian Standards and Government Regulations we provide a number of testing procedures. Certification and reports are provided with each test.


Hydrogen Gas Detection

Heat-exchanger cross contamination and integrity tests using highly sensitive Hydrogen an accurate economical test, leaving no residual contaminants and minimal downtime Gas Testing Equipment provides.

Holding Tube Testing

For validation and verification of new, modified or existing pasteurizers, Heat Treatment Equipment and Processes, we offer a salt conductivity Holding tube Time Test. As defined in “AS3993.1-1992”

Hydrostatic Leak Testing

Heat-exchanger hydrostatic pressure testing either 'in situ' where it may not be feasible/practical to remove equipment or 'off site' during refurbishment.

Spare Parts

We stock and source a large range of spare parts for plate heat exchangers plates (PHE) and gaskets, hygienic process valve kits, homogenizers, hygienic pump and overhaul kits. We understand some of these parts are often urgent and we will provide that extra effort to deliver the required parts ASAP. We supply from but are not limited to the following manufacturers;

APV             Tetra Pak        Sondex

GEA             Gaulin              Tranter

Alpha Laval   Rannie             Crepaco


Unit 4 / 10 Hook St

PO Box 1585

Capalaba QLD 4157



Phone:       +61 7 3160 9416

Fax:          +61 7 3112 5995



Unit 4 / 10 Hook St

PO Box 1585


QLD 4157







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+61 7 3112 5995

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